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A New Game!

ok I've got a few ideas..
we could play a 'guess who' type game.. where we all go into the chatroom at a certain time and I post a PIECE of a picture that has been posted previously on and you've gotta guess which picture it is from. [I'll move the pics I want to my own personal webspace so they don't get deleted] *sidenote: copywrite of pictures goes to the orignal owners * the person that guesses the picture first gets a point. At the end of the game, the person with the most points wins something I don't know what yet, but it'll be herp related

We could play a another game where I could go thru the previous day's posts and take a quote from one and the first to find it gets a point. We could do this for a few days with me posting at 7AM EST that day's quote, with the person with the most points winning something *see above for prize info*

I could post a "choose your own adventure" type website and do something on there about winning a prize for the person that gets to the correct ending with the right answer to a question. Letters for the answers will be found on the various pages.
*see above for prize info*

Let me know what you all think.. Send me an email or a PM with the number(s) of the game(s) you wish to play.


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