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but me for me it kind of is. If i had my own place it would be way different...but as I live with other family members I have to take their opinions into consideration.

I cannot have 20+ animals as much as I would really love to...I can stay in and around 10ish animals...And slowley I just make that number higher whether they know or not But for big buys for animals that take tons of space I have to get permition.

Well all im saying is that im really not a compulsive buyer at all. The reason for the ksb was a one time thing..i regret buying it but led to my corn snakes and I met jeff hatheway

As for the sav..that was a whole different story. I want to keep him but my business calls for more space in the house. Even though I need to get rid of him...ive decided to keep him. As you going to try harder to work with what I have.

Thanks for the input...ive taken it and will try to be a better reptile owner. Thanks..i needed this thread
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