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Yes I have been sucked into the world of computer games to the point I barely play PS2 or XBox games at all.

I like
Deus Ex and Counter Strike, and the older Red Faction which I only just recently played...all that type of stuff...

I have also played other types of games such as Diablo II extensively, Neverwinter Nights (and all expansion paks) etc.
Then I have the lamer side of me which enjoys things like The Sims, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Age of Mythology type stuff, etc :P :P

Unfortuantly I do not know all the bells and whistles our computer has, but since my boyfriend is sooo utterly "into it" we have good stuff right now. And more than enough to play those games anyways

Edit to add:
I am going to be LIVING in the new game Spiderman 2 BTW folks!!!!!!!
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