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I have plans to be there, got almost everything set waiting on something to be 100% sure. If all positive I will be there, looking into every table with boas and pythons. Got a few animals on my mind and a few set in motion. Look for a guy drooling over great looking boas and pythons and anything new I never seen up close ever. Been waiting for 3 years to attend so I am excited. When looking for me I will be taking photos like nuts and meeting all you great American breeders. I' ll check into table 393 and holla at you. First time in Florida for me but I will be at this show from opening hour to closing. I' ll see Florida next I' m coming from Northern Manitoba Canada. So almost extreme to extreme climates I am trying but its summer not much.

That is cool idea with the give away too....and boas or pythons for me, wink wink. Just joking but that is my thing hence the forum name.

Well if all goes as planned cya soon.

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