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well my ksb was the only thing im selling because I didnt do enough thinking about what kind of snake I would end up with.

Im selling my sav for a whole other reason I didnt know was going to come up. And I would rather not sell him, and im still not 100 percent sure I want to...but times call for desperate measures.

What else would you say I did that with? Is it a bad thing to try and move up the scale to more advanced animals then staying at beardies and leopard geckos?

I still have my leopard gecko, that was my first lizard, and I dont plan on selling it. hmmm....Im not trying to sound sarcastic...but actually how to I move up the scale then into more advanced reptiles in order to further my learning? If I want something else but am at a peak amount of reptiles I can it bad to sell something to be able to aquire something new?

thanks for the replies
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