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wow that really sucks
the pet store that i work at (reptile dep.)
also had a couple things taken..but no idea who took them because we did not have a camera facing our departement which was totally stupid ..i think each departement should have a camera on them all the time!
we had a brazilian rainbow boa taken and also a very cute frilled dragon. With the brazilian ..the cage was unlocked because of idiot staff! With the frilled what happened was ...a lady had fainted right beside the big octogone tank and knocked one of the sides out of the tank and therefore we had to place the frilly in a smaller enclosure then one of our staff thought we could replace the side of the tank with CARDBOARD so he taped the cardboard in place and placed the frilled dragon back in which was marked at $750 .So obviously a couple days later when we were all busy with sales and carry outs some one decided to smash in the cardboard (very easily)and take little frilly away.

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