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God bless you people who fund all the research an development for computer hardware.

Meanwhile, I go by the rule of only upgrading to 2nd newest generation hardware when it's twice as fast as what I have. Right now, I'm running
Shuttle SN45G
AthlonXP 2500+ @3200
GeForce4 Ti4200 128MB
Which is great for Counter-Strike, the only game I play. However, I've had to give it up because if I play in pubs, I get banned and if I play in leagues/tournaments, it takes over my life. (Anyone going to Fragmart this year?)

I'm considering buying the Radeon 9800 Pro now... I've been waiting for it to drop a bit more in price, but I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon.

I heard someone mention FreeBSD and Linux? Of course, all my really sweet hardware is the in 2nd hand UNIX boxes I buy from eBay for a song:
2xSun Sparc5 (170MHz $30USD each)
2xSun Ultra5 (333MHz, 360MHz)
1xSun Netra T1 (360MHz $150CDN)
2xSGI Indigo2 (R4400 $15CDN, R10000)
1xDEC Alpha PWS 500au
1xHP Visualize C180 (Price circa 1997: $38,000USD. I paid $36CDN!!! God I love eBay)
tons of old x86 boxes
I run FreeBSD (-CURRENT and -STABLE), NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris9, Irix 6.5.22, HP-UX 11, Debian GNU/Linux, and Slackware GNU/Linux.
1.0 Pastel Ball Python, 1.9 Normal Ball Pythons, 0.1 African House Snake, 1.0 Savannah Monitor, 0.0.1 Argentinian Horned Frog
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