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THEY KILLED THE ALLIGATOR???? HOW STUPID ARE THEY! '' Ho no, the alligator is now a killer!! He is now a danger to society!!'' Big deal, the alligators are all killers, what should we do, slay them all? How stupid are they! Punishing a reptile is one of the dumest thing i have ever heard in my hole life... '' At least this one wont do it anymore...'' HAAAAA, then the other alligators will do the job! The alligator is doing the only thing it is supposed to do in this world : eat things that go near him. Hez not responsible of no crime, hes actually doing what his goal in life is!! Its sad for the woman, but she's not victim of an alligator, she's victim of life!!! Please dont kill any more animals for such pathethic reasons!!!
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