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I am most certaintly willing to pay more for a name!!!!! Does this mean I exclude "no namers" like myself when looking for something? No. But in most cases if I want to buy something over a couple hundred dollars, I am gonna hope to find it from a well known breeder. Simply because like Jeff pointed out, they have something to lose if you are unhappy and most will go further out of their way to make you happy since they have to keep their good name intact. Someone who is selling me say 1 ETB and has nothing else, doesn't really care if I am not happy or not and probably doesn't have the funds or animals to replace should something go wrong.

Mind you with lower end stuff like corns, kings, regular balls and boas say, I would be willing to purchase from anyone and base my sale on the animals apperance alone. It's taking less of a risk with cheaper animals and I feel more comfortable possibly getting ripped off for 100 than I do 1,000.

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