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haha.... man thx for all the info.... ive allways been a reptile man and a dog and cat man myself... had no clue really what so ever about any kinds of birds.... i had a parakete when i was about 6 but it got out the back door (shows how good i am with birds lol) but ya... my lil cuz is kinda like a lil sister to me... she lived with us most of her life cuz he mom was like a dauter to my mom..... but any ways.... i would like to learn a little bit about birds so i can help her out... my whole family allways comes to me when they want info on animals cuz i used to work in a petstore but the only animals i really had anything to do with were the reptiles.... i did a little bit in the bird room and helped some eggs hatch but thats about it..... but i just want to really make sure she gets the best possible bird she can from a good breader.... i think i might go get her the bird magazine and mabey buy her year subscription cuz reptiles (the magazine i get) sometimes has great info on an animal i might be interested in... and in the back there is allways a huge list of private breaders... so my guess would be that "birds" has the same info, etc..... so think you all for your help and if i do get anymore ?'s i no i can come here (allways have cuz there is allways some one here that knows what i need) so think you again

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