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I think this person came into my store tonight

I had a lady come into my store this evening (after closing) I usually stay late when I get a chance. This person is well known in our community and most of us business owners keep a close eye on her (and hubby) although they seldom come into a business together. Her name is ******* ******(spelling???) Her hubby and her came in looking at our reptile enclosures and spoke to me about some of the different critters they have. Since they new I have a 5 foot Corn snake and several other animals in my store they asked if I would be interested in purchasing a few snakes from them , what they don't know is 1st off I am an animal rescue so I NEVER buy animals of ANY kind. 2nd we got corney (our corn snake) about 3 years ago from a little boy that was selling it because his mom wouldn't allow him to keep it. We agreed to buy the tank etc... if they would agree to GIVE us the snake... This is really the only knowledge I have of snakes so when they listed off they kinds of snakes they had the only one that stuck out was the young corn snake. I said I would be happy to take it in on rescue but that we would NOT buy the snakes, they assured me that they would be able to sell the snakes at any number of stores and indeed were not interested in just surrendering them. I tried to get there phone number incase I could somehow find someone that would be interested but they left without giving it to me (although they did agree) so hopefully they will come back tomorrow and I will ask to see the snakes. And get a number. The problem is I don't know enough about snakes to tell specific breeds so all I can do is hope to give a good enough description that you may be able to confim if it's possible that these are your snakes. )Perhaps I'm being peranoid... not sure... but heck, it sure would be nice if it turned out to be the same person. She sure does match your description!
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