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Talking What to get, what to get?!

Well, my boyfriend is considering giving our pair of tokays to his sister. Yeah, they're cool, but it's not like they let me get attached to them. So we will definitely end up getting another pet if he gives them away. We don't know what to get! I told him that maybe this time we should actually put some thought into it beore we walk into the store! He really wants a veiled, but I've almost got him convinced that it wouldn't be practical right now. We need something that won't take up a whole lot of space, as we will be moving in the next year and that would be a big hassel. We also need something that is fairly low maintenance. We love all types of pets, so I'm not just asking about herps. I'm thinking along the lines of leos, or a hedgehog (or both!). We already have 2 mice, a rosehair tarantula, 3 bettas, and an african dwarf frog. Please give me suggestions!!!
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