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Originally posted by Jeff_Favelle
NO no, Doom 3 requires 512 of RAM, not video card RAM. Huge difference Duggan.

The next gen of cards is going to be PCI express, but that's a year off, and I'd wait to run the two cards in RAID style (2 video cards processing at the SAME time, woo - hoo!!). But PC Gamer ran a test on 4 different systems and all the stuff made no difference. For the first time in a LONG time, the CPU is now the bottleneck of your system.

The best buy right now is an MSI Radeon 9800pro and then overclock it to a 9800XT. Only problem is, Doom 3 uses OpenGL, which Radeon cards SUCK for, but nVidia cards rule at. But I can't support anything but ATI, so if I take a 5 fps hit, then so be it.

Derrick, that system ROCKS!! Do you game man? You, me, Duggan, August 3rd at midnight! LOL!!!

Duggan, get the AMD 2500XP mobile, and overclock it to a 3200XP. Its now $140 at BEST value for our buck man! But you'll need at least PC3200 RAM, which you have, so you're set!!

Here's how to overclock it:
thanks man, ill look into that further for sure

and about the 512mb video card, i was right you just didn't understand what i was saying. doom supposedly has a setting ''ultra'' or something for the graphics probably sets all the effects extremely high, which is shaded out right now in the game because no video cards right now can handle it. and supposedly you need a 512mb VIDEO CARD to run doom at that ultra or highest settings.

none of this is fact to me yet, but i've heard it from numerous sources.

also that XP mobile, im not sure if my motherboard can run anything other than athalon thunderbird
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