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No kidding Ryan/Katie. How do you define quality. If two people were selling similar-looking animals, but one person was established, never had a bad transaction, bred the animals themselves, been in the "biz" for a number of years and will always be available for "tech support", as oppsed to a guy who is reselling his animals, suspected to have a mite problem, never bred a thing, doesn't need to worry about is "name" in the biz, therefore has no responsibility for reputation, etc etc?

Think one guy should be able to sell the animals in question for more? I think so. If people can charge as little as they want, people can charge as much as they want. It only affects the seller and the buyer in most cases, so us fretting about it is moot.

Excellent point about lineage too guys. Often ignored by all but the most discriminating of reptile lovers. Its a shame too.
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