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I'm hoping it will run decent on my current hardware. I've pretty much stopped playing games on the PC. Burned out on crappy titles and high prices over the years. It's the irony of the job.

Lucky for me most of the titles I want to play in the future will be coming out on Xbox or PS3 Sudeki, Fable, Jak and Daxter sequels, etc. etc.

Pentium 4 2.4GHz HT
1 gig DDR 400 RAM (dual channel config)
Radeon 9700
120 gig drive
Case is a Shuttle XP mini-system with an FB61 mainboard (8x AGP, 800 mhz bus)

Derrick, have you benchmarked that Corsair RAM against generic stuff? I was looking at a hardcore RAM test on Slashdot the other day, and the Corsair stuff kicked major butt

If I wasn't relegating my computers to purely surfing or work stuff I'd be slapping that in along with an X800

If anyone was thinking about grabbing a PCI express mainboard and video card to really go nuts it had no effect on Doom whatsoever. Hope it's not overhyped technology.
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