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man favelle, you really know your computer stuff too hey? i don't really, but my brother is good with all that. i don't think getting an X800 is really worth it right now, atleast for me it isnt, the next card i get is going to be a 512mb one, supposedly you need a video card with 512mb to run doom 3 perfect, there's an ''ultra mode'' box or something thats filled in right now until better stuff comes out

what are all your guys' specs like?

AMD Athalon XP 1900+ (hopefully getting a 3000+ soon)
ATI Radeon 9800pro
512mb Corsair 3200
8 gigs free HD space

and about half-life 2, i guess it will be out in late september/early october. they can't keep delaying it or noone will wanna buy it anymore
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