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I don't understand Invictus.

You said:

I personally don't give a damn if person A wants to sell their stuff for less than what I'm selling them for. The way I see it is, I do my best to collect and breed the most superior specimens I can get my hands on. If someone wants to sell common boas for $50, fine. Mine will still be at or slightly above market value if mine are nicer looking, cleaner patterned, higher pink, or whatever. (Not that I breed them right now, but I have the adults ready for next season.)
But then you said:

What bugs the hell out of me is people jacking UP their prices just because of who they are. This is egotsitcal horses**t in my opinion
Isn't that a bit hypocritical, on more levels than one?? How can you say that a person can charge whatever he/she wants to, but yet get irate over someone who charges more than you think they should? And would it bug you? Do you have to purchase it? Why does it even affect you? I'm not sure if you breed snakes, but what would affect you worse; 1) A guy down the street breeds the same snakes as you, say Sinaloan Milksnakes. He charges $75, when you charge $150. or 2) A guy also breeds Sinaloan Milksnakes down the street from you and he charges $250, but you charge only $150. What's going to affect you worse, purely from a business standpoint? I think #1 is the obvious answer.

I don't have a huge collection, an I don't breed, but I just can't make the connection s to why it would bother you so much that a breeder of snakes charges more than you think they are worth. It doesn't make sense, because it doesn't really affect you on any level.

Or maybe you're esily bugged?

No harm intended, just trying to get a grasp of what you were trying to convey.


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