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Yes, I rescued an iguana whom the owner deemed "mean". Upon seeing this poor creature I could see no wrong in this animal. For two years he had been kept in a 20 gallon enclosure... this an almost 2 1/2 foot long lizard! I reached inside to pick it up and never had any problems since. The owner was amazed that it wasn't trying to 'kill' me. We became the best of buds and I took him everywhere with me. Unfortunately, the neglect he suffered during his first years of life was irreversable and two years after I first held him that day he passed away. I feel good in knowing that he was completely spoiled during his time with me, and that he learned humans are not bad animals.

I also have a Burmese python, who should be mean because of his past as well, but is the sweetest, most docile snake I've ever owned. I've had him for over 4 years now and have never been bitten (he's not even tried) and the last time he hissed at me was probably the week I got him.

I hope you and your snake enjoy a successfull relationship together... I'd love to see some pix too!
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