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Licencing doesnt need to be expensive It should take some effort to become licenced though.

We dont even really need licencing if we had a OUTRIGHT ban of petstores selling animal's they shouldn't be selling Burm's Rock's Iggy's Tegu's and many others animal's of that sort SHOULD NOT be sold in a petstore. They should only be able offer Animal's a beginner can handle taking care of.

Because in reality that's where most of those animals came from. Thats why they were abandoned pet stores misinformed owners or it was a impluse buy.
People who seek out breeders are a lot less likely to abandon them where as the person who bought a new pair of shoes and a snake from the mall has no clue what they just did.

Obviously this cant work completely if breeders themselves are unethical though but I think stopping petstores from selling more advanced animal's to beginers is a step in the right direction It cant hurt
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