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being a 16 and owning a burmese python I do think people should have to get a license to keep these anamals but I dont think a heafty fee would help, if your going to take the time to go threw 3 years (or how ever long it would take to obtain a license to keep a large constrictor) a large fee wouldnt make a person think about it more serously just empty his/her walet. the only reson i say this is that i work enouph hours as it is to pay the feed bill and i woulnt want to have to shell out just to keep a permit.
To my knowledge, the licensing process in Australia only takes a month or two. A fee is needed because people often times will only consider things interms of economics. If someone comes across a $50USD Burm, then they might think twice whent he realise that the license to keep them will be alot more. Same thing in Canada.
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