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Stop making fun of balls. Who can't love snakes who save you on food because they are picky, and barely crap? :P:P

I don't agree that anyone can tell anyone what to sell for. In my mind I am going to ALWAYS sell for less than they are worth because in the herp market right now, I feel almost every snake that isn't a morph is UNDER priced and under appreciated. I myself have gotten barely into the whole ball thing, but its because I want more money for first albino or any other morph i make will be sold and the money will be put back into colubrids because kings are my real love and interest in this game. My boyfriend and I would like a part of our stuff to be able to make money for the other less pricey animals we are more interested in....I think that's a good way to be in this hobby, making the hobby self sufficent for you. So I mean I have to think about the money over the herps sometimes, because I need that money for more herps! LOL

You MUST stick with what YOU like. Too many people switch up their collections each year to get with the new thing. I have fiddled with my stuff now to the point where I am happy with what I have.

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