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Jeff, Mark, Mykee,
Great posts~!

Totally agreed~!
I am like you Jeff. If I want quality animals, I would rather pay the higher price and customer service that they give out. Big breeders don't just get their name from no where. They have to build up their reputation with the quality of their animals and the service that they provide. Kind of like people buying "Brand Names" where we sell our own names as "Brands"

PS Jeff, When your womas sell for $400 let me know....LOL I love those so much. Their looks are just amazing~!! I would definitely look for you when I come back to Canada a couple years later when my factory is running smoothly and I am ready to retire~~

Yup agreed~ We all have to adjust. Just how different people see it. Some people will see it as undercutting and some will see it as adjusting. Depends on who you talk to~ LOL....


Couldn't agree more~! Without the love of the animals and reinvesting to 'higher end morphs' or new bloodline or new animals...there is no way that we'll be able to keep on running 'the business' (that is if we really get any profit....) so producing and selling the animals is just really basically substaining the hobby and love ~~
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