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Okay, I'm kind of late in the game here but I'd like to say my bit

First of all, I believe in the general concept of "If I bred it, I will sell it for whatever I like". Why? Well, because I bred it and I will sell it for whatever I like. Why? Because I said so. This does not however apply to vending at a show. Why you ask? Because to become "someone" in this hobby depends solely on reputation. This means producing as many or as little animals as you like, but to produce the VERY BEST specimens possible. It means being mindful of market value and respecting those whose footsteps we choose to follow. So why on earth step on respectable toes just to sell out first at a show? I mean, you may as well shoot yourself in the foot first then get involved in breeding.

On another note. Someone here mentioned producing mass numbers of reptiles as a means to buy the more expensive things that they want to breed. Now, that is where the market crash comes from in the first place. Everyone jumps on board the "cheap sh*t" hoping to make some quick cash, but you really aren't helping yourself or anyone else in the long run. Why not save your pennies and buy what you really want in the first place? Yes, I know, easier said than done, but it's better for the hobby itself not to flood the market every year with the same crap that my 12 year old neighbor could produce with his eyes closed and hands tied behind his back. And remember, I never said don't breed the easy stuff, just don't flood the market. Heck, I breed leos for the right reasons, I absolutely love 'em and have several that are just pets (including my very first pair) and I focus on keeping my babies in top notch health with no worries of inbreeding (though that is another lengthy conversation in itself). It is important to keep and breed what you love. But as I stated above, if you can visually say your animals are better than others available, and if you are 100% certain you can back it up, then fly at it! Load up the market with your quality animals. I am being serious here, just so ya'll know.

As for sending people emails/pms declaring them in the wrong for selling THEIR animals for what they like (extra emphasis on "THEIR"), I say this-"Get off your high horse and bug your neighbors for their messy yards and loud kids instead". Ya, ya I know, I probably offended the "wrong" person and would otherwise think them "respectable" and such and have now stuck my foot in my mouth, but honestly how much respect does that kind of action warrant? I am tired of everyone having to kiss @$$ and corform just to make some members warm, tignly and satisfied. My point? It's one thing to kindly ask someone why they are selling something so cheap, but quite another to harass them. By today's standards email/pms are the same as a phone. No one has the right to call you at home to berate you, heck you could end up charged for that now a days, so why do the same through a computer?

Anyways, buy what you like, sell what you like at your own price, but remember, it's all at your own risk the same as everything else we do from day to day. Oh, and don't complain if you can't move 1000+ baby whatevers, cause you did it to yourself. Right? Know the market before it ends up owning you! My nickle in the bag................feels good to vent (This is not something I do often, so be gentle)

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