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Anaconda, you breed them because you love them. You have to. If you breed solely for the $, you're gone quick because for the most part, the money ain't that great unless you're a Mandic, a Woods, a Marshall, etc. (again), and even then, I'm guessing 50%+ of their profit goes right back into the animals. If it was about the $, you'd see the same animals for sale year after year after year. That's not the case; new morphs, cutting edge stuff every successive year. It's pretty obvious to me at least who here breeds for the love of it and who breeds for the $$. For example, just by his responses, you can tell Favelle has a passion for what he does. There are plenty others here who love what they do. It's not always about the money. Here's an example; I bought a male albino a couple of years back for $5500. Overpriced at the time, but from the stock and breeder I got it from, I was happy to pay that price. Quite honestly, I don't think he will ever be worth anyhwere near that again, and his albino offspring will be worth 1/2 of what I payed for him. Not gonna stop me from buying the morphs I want. I don't sit up at night crying about it. I realize that demand every year goes up, as does supply. Hell, in 10 years the pastels that everyone is breeding will be worth $500. I see that as a good thing. For every five people that are willing to pay $2500 for a female pastel, there are 50 people willing to pay $2000 and so on until the 'market' that you are selling to has multiplied exponentially to the point where a 'recreational hobbyist' will have one.
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