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Mykee, thats exactly what I am saying. I don't sit on animals for months & months. I research the market & sell accordingly. Many don't though. Whatever they are selling went for X last year so that is the price this year. I see these people trying to market the previous years stock as "holdbacks" & such when it is quite obvious by the looks/price why they are still available. As stated there are many more people working with many more animals now & alot of specimens are more readily available than ever. Its supply & demand, plain & simple. More specimens readily available in the market, the prices on those now less rare specimens adjusts itself accordingly. Example Childrens Pythons, a year or so ago $175-150, last season $150-125, this season $125-100. As more & more people work with this species & more & more are produced every year the price will drop based on supply & demand. The supply is increasing, but will the demand still be there. Its obviously been affected. Some people still refuse to adjust & are charging the same rates as 3 years ago & frown upon those that have adjusted & are selling their animals while they sit on their higher priced ones someimes at the next table at a venue. I call it adjusting they say undercut, but like I care what they say LOL. I don't like it either, but can & will adjust. We all hate to see the babies we paid so much for, now breeding to sell their offspring for considerably less than orginally planned 3 years prior, such is life sometimes. I too totally back the reinvest the money in herps thing. I sold/traded a whack of Cornsnakes to buy my Womas, Diamond etc. I'll Tell You What! LOL We all have to draw a line somewheres & we all have a responsibility to plan accordingly to market offspring. I get a few calls every year with people wanting me to buy them out, whether it be their offspring or all their breeding stock as a result of their lack of planning/marketing. The strong shall survive Heh Heh Cheers Mark
P.S. as stated population definitely helps demand & theres alot more population down south thats for sure.
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