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Well-thought out and informative post (as usual) Simon. If I were in the market for a corn, I would contact you FIRST, regardless of price. Some people search for the best deals, some people search for the breeder closest to them (shipping scares them), and some people, just go to the breeder who's stock and reputation supercede them. I'm the latter. If I want a Ball, I go to Corey or Mark. If I want an Aussie python, I walk down the steet to Don's house. If a boa is in my future, I call the King, Chris Marshell. If I want Hondurans, I call Marc Bouchard. If I want corns, I email Simon. If I want monitors, I'll call Kendrick. Its that simple in my world. Simon's corns and his service justify his higher price. Just like Mykee, who has posted superb pics of his growing Ball collection. Mykee can easily get market value for his stuff. I don't see him sitting on animals for long at all.

I even get emails from people asking if I could sell an animal for a bit cheaper. Sometimes I do it if they are buying multiple animals, but what I usually do is just give them an email of a friend who is also selling the same thing! LOL! I ain't worried about getting rid of stock. Its harder to keep up with the orders than it is to worry about keeping a few dozen animals into the wee hours of October and November.

Optimus, don't sweat it bro. Selling an animal for 10-20% under market value isn't going to kill anyone. Its not like its two litters of 30 hets and you're going to kill the market. The market, as small as it is up here, will be just fine.

Good suff peeps! Mostly well thought-out and informative posts!!
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