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Originally posted by thunder
simon: i am by no means trying to be rude, but perhaps you are overproducing? i mean, maybe you shouldnt produce more animals than you think you can move.
First of all not trying to say that you're rude or anything. Cause I understand your point too. So the reply is in no way referring back to you. Just replying your statement alright?

I knew this was going to come up.
But hey when you're working with hets, you cannont gurantee anything. Only higher production will lead to a greater chance of getting the hi end stuff that you want.

Why are people buying all these hets? Well its because they're cheaper and they might yeild hi end stuff over the years. So you start off with hets. How to you ensure yourself to get as high of a chance of getting the hi end morph that you were waiting for 2 years or more? Well you mass breed them in order to produce this hi end stuff.

Also the word 'over producing' would mean that I cannot provide the time and care for my animals and letting them starve to death or dehydrate to death. (At least this is my view on over producing.) But if I can get them out fast and provide them with a good home. I don't see a problem with that.

Also sometimes when a person really needs to get the animal out, selling under market value makes the animal out go faster. Like Darryl's case here (which actually started this thread) He wanted his animal out of his doors asap. He might be selling the animal at under market value, but at the same time he too is losing money. The amount of time and money that he spend on tha animal, its a lost to him. He most properly got his animal at 'market value' and when he is selling his animal at 'under market value' he is losing money. Heck even if he was to sell his animal at the 'market value' of the time he purchased the snake, he still is losing money. The feeding and caring and time spend money. So he too is 'suffering' the loss.

I am not saying that under cutting the market price is right or wrong. Cause myself as a breeder, I do feel that its a shame that other people undersell animals at market price. But other people have their own rights to do whatever they want. I mean I sell Lavender Corns for $250 each. I have seen some Canaidan people sell them for less than $125. What am I suppose to do? Lower my price or shoot the person an email and tell them to jack up his/her price? I don't think so. Like I said before, every one has his/her own market share and has the 'power' to choose whatever price he/she thinks its right. I sometimes don't feel happy when I see other people have a way low market price and is ruining the market price too. But that's life. There is no way that you're able to control everyone and make an equalibrium market price.


Originally posted by mykee
Mark, if you're stuck sitting on things for months and months, you're not watching and in touch with the "market". You don't have to undercut the next guy by X% to sell your animals, but if you're "holding on the them for months and months" then you're overpriced. I think it's all about keeping you ear to the ground and knowing your market
I don't really agree with this. Sometimes its not because that we're over pricing the animals, thus not being able to move the animals out. Sometimes its just that there are really no demand. I just had a friend that emailed me today and told me that he posted his ad up for a long time now and has had 0 email and 0 pm about the animals that he is selling. And I tell you, the price that he was asking was not over priced at all. In fact its a bit on the low end too (not like super low) So sometimes, I think a lot of times, its the demand that is driving us to hold our animals for longer than we expect. Not really the price.


Thanks for the kind words. I fully understand your point. Heck I feel both points as I am both a breeder and had to do an under cut in market price before. So I see both points~
But really you do what you want. Just sell the animal at what you want. Its only 1 animal anyway.

Most of my prices are higher than the normal Canadian market price too. So should I be sending emails to everyone and tell them to boost their price up? LOL....even though my prices are higher than most people, if you ask me I still say that I am moving a lot of hi end stuff around. So far for this year, I have produced 500 hatchling corns already...and guess how many I have left right now? Around 50.....I might have wholesaled 300 of them but the other 150 are already gone with retail pricing.
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