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I agree with Mykee. Every year there's a crop of new herpers that come out of the woodwork. Its awesome!

And like Mykee alluded to, it works in levels. As soon as the newbees get on their game and start having clutches of corns and Leos and whatever, then all of a sudden, they have a few hundred dollars to play with. So then they get some entry-level boas or pythons or maybe an expensive colubrid with that extra cake. Then, when it comes time to breed those things, they make a few more extra dollars, and all of a sudden, a $2,000 animal purchase isn't out of the question. Its truly awesome when a herper like Crannie or Trev (Boidkeeper) breeds something, then flips the whole damn thing right back into more snakes. That's why they have the impressive collections they have.

And everyone could do it. Its not unattainable for anyone. And selling animals for what you want is not "being in it for the money". Not that anyone should care what anyone else says or thinks why you are into snakes. Let them believe what they want Mykee. If it keeps them up at night thinking you just do this for the hoards and hoards of cashola we keep in our closets, then too bad. Ha ha. You ROCK Mykee.

Optimus, you are a stand-up guy, and I've known you for over a year through our thousands of emails and phone calls. One snake will NOT kill the market. LOL, not even in Canada (haha!!). If you need to sell a snake, then you gotta do what you gotta do. No one else lives your life or is in your shoes. If someone feels so strongly about you selling an animal for less, then they should buy it from you, and then re-sell it at the "market price" and make a few bucks. Don't fret about people's opinion other than close friends or family. They are really the only people I ever listen to, and even then, sometimes not!! Ha ha, remember all the people raggin' on me because they said my Jungles were too expensive? Well 158 Jungles to start with, and I have 37 left. I'm keeping a WACKLOAD of those ones back, and I have 6 going out by Saturday. Am I worried about what other people think about MY animals? Nope. Watering and feeding and watching 'til my hearts content is my only concern when it comes the animals in my reptile rooms.

Cheers bro. And call me, I'm home.
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