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"I would much rather be known as the guy that has quality specimens at good prices then the guy sitting on them for months & months because he refuses to accept things for what they are."
Mark, if you're stuck sitting on things for months and months, you're not watching and in touch with the "market". You don't have to undercut the next guy by X% to sell your animals, but if you're "holding on the them for months and months" then you're overpriced. I think it's all about keeping you ear to the ground and knowing your market. Remaining competitive doesn't mean undercutting the competition. Canada's 'snake market' is miniscule compared to south of the border, ("10 years behind" was what one U.S. 'big breeder' whom I spoke with recently quoted). However the Canadian market is growing by leaps and bounds. From what I've noticed over the last few years, is that all of the 'lower end' het morphs and morphs are getting snatched up and 'new' breeders are coming out of the woodwork at an awesome pace. Just look at the great stuff coming from Kwok, Patterson, Stockwell, Piorun, Woods, Mandic, Marshall, Favelle, etc. (please accept my apologies for forgetting anyone) This is great! For the first time ever, Canadians are becoming a force to be reconed with. With this 'newfound respect' afforded Canadian breeders from the States, Canadian breeders are no longer pricing animals strictly for Canadians, now they have to consider the U.S. prices, and potential U.S. buyers. So I pose this question; are prices too high here in Canada, or are Canadians just too cheap? This topic has come up recently, and now that Canadian breeders are sending their animals south, prices become more competitive 'up here'. Can we keep up as buyers? Sorry to take this off-topic, but it all rings true.

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