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"Thanks for pointing out that a dollar value is more important to you then the actual animal."
Ok Leon, so with your reasoning, I should hold on to everything, have a couple hundred snakes just sorta sitting around? What you fail to comprehend is that for most of us in the "hobby" that sell our offspring we do so so that we can purchase and work with the animals that we want, fueling our love for the animals. Where's the law against loving the 'hobby' and makin' a little coin? For example, if I breed my pastel to 20 normal females, and get 30 pastels, you're saying I should have some deep-rooted emotional attachment to all of them and not even consider selling them. Hogwash. I'll sell my males and a few females so that I can buy the next whatever that I'm interested in and would love to work with. We finance our own projects by selling selected offspring. It is no less a hobby for someone who owns 100 snakes, breeds and sells their offspring then the guy who owns 1 snake and has no desire to breed. It's still a hobby regardless. I do agree with Ken however in that I could care less who you are as a breeder, it's your product that should talk for you rather than your "Name". If you produce a poorer quality animal, it's not long before your name is crap anyways. These things have a way of working themselves out. In my opinion, a lot of the big breeders out there have a great name because their product is top-notch. Again, it's all about reputation.

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