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I personally don't give a damn if person A wants to sell their stuff for less than what I'm selling them for. The way I see it is, I do my best to collect and breed the most superior specimens I can get my hands on. If someone wants to sell common boas for $50, fine. Mine will still be at or slightly above market value if mine are nicer looking, cleaner patterned, higher pink, or whatever. (Not that I breed them right now, but I have the adults ready for next season.)

What bugs the hell out of me is people jacking UP their prices just because of who they are. This is egotsitcal horses**t in my opinion, and the way I see it is, if you want to jack up your prices, it better be the best specimen on earth, or I'll buy an equal or BETTER specimen for a lower price somewhere else, even if it means ordering in from south of the border. That's just my opinion. Bottom line, market value should be taken into consideration. But so should superiority of specimens, and/or motivated sellers.
- Ken LePage
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