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Oh Darryl I definitely hear you~
I know how that feels~
I mean I produce so many animals each year that even though I have 6 wholesalers....I don't really get rid of everything. Even wholesalers themselves have a limit on how many animals they can take in at a time....and when I need to move animals out, I really do mean moving them out. If the market in Canada is like the States, then removing 1000 corns nearly as hard or as bad for me. But the market in Canada is so bad that I really need to wholesale them. Once all the wholesaler has taken the max amount that they can take, and I am still left with 300 corns running around my house still waiting to be sold out...I need to sell them at wholesale price to the public.

I understand that this definitely ruins the price a bit. But if you stand on the person that is holding the 300 animsl to be sold, you'll understand.

Even hi end animals are hard to get out to the market. You would think that selling them out at a lower price would get things going, but the market here in Canada is so bad that even if you lower the price for hi end morphs, its hard getting them out.

All in all, I do agree that everyone can set his/her own price. There is NO RIGHT for anyone to be so rude to tell the other person to either set his prices higher or lower. Its not their problem! NOT AT ALL!
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