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Exactly mykee, but are you willing to sit on them for months & months to try & get those higher prices, only to have to reduce them later at the cheaper price anyway? In reguards to the whole hets thing if you aren't in at the "ground level" you have already missed the boat. Sometimes to succeed you have to be willing to "rock the boat" some IMHO. Also you must realize that with the exchange rate & all the people working with hets, the market is flooded right now. Most herpers have bills to pay & would rather have cash in hand then 40 snakes to take care of for a few extra months to try & milk them for all they are worth. Most peoples prices drop dramatically when they have bills to pay & you have cash in hand. Fact of life. Heck I know of a breeder that GIVES het males for FREE. Same price on a lone female as a pair & singles males for like $100. If my reputation is based on others greed? &/or unwillingness to accept the market for what it is, instead of providing the best quality animals at the lowest prices possible, as stated like I give a Rats @ss as the quality of my animals speaks for themself & I charge what I consider to be reasonable. I would much rather be known as the guy that has quality specimens at good prices then the guy sitting on them for months & months because he refuses to accept things for what they are. I don't go out of my way to undercut people, but one must review the market & remain competitive if you want to survive as a herp person in the Canadian Market just my opinion though. Mark
P.S. some US breeders can provide albinos now for like $2,000 CDN I betcha the people that bought ones for $5,000 CDN less than 2 years ago really like that alot eh! Remember this is not going to change other than to go lower & lower.
P.P.S. pricelists change dramatically when breeders need money & you have cash in hand, like the song says "Money Talks!"
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