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Originally posted by mykee
Hypothetically, I have 20.20 het albino balls, am relatively new and hoping to 'break' into the snake business here in Canada. I know that 'market value' this year has been set at $900-$1100/pair. If I sell these 20.20 for $700/pair, not only am a potentially 'losing' $200-$400/pair, but I'm also not making any friends or gaining the respect from my 'associates' in the business, and your reputation is everything.
Thanks for pointing that a dollar value is more important to you then the actual animal.

Hey O.P.,
You say that you have been receiving personal mails about your price? You should post these so everyone can have an idea of who is in this hobby, just looking to make as much money as they can and couldn't care less about the reptiles.
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