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I have to agree with Dr. Antfarm in regards to housing animals together and accidental breedings. Reproduction takes A LOT out of animals, and females shouldn't be subjected to this for any other reason than actually reproducing. If the ultimate goal is not reproduction, than breedable animals should not be allowed access to eachother. IMHO it is irresponsible. If there isn't adequate space to house them seperately, then that is the issue that needs to be addressed, not the issues resulting from it (band-aid solutions).

A segment from my very long-winded letter to ctv after seeing that segment...
Reported: Curvy still has a companion to keep her company.
Fact: It is a well-known fact that snakes are solitary animals. They do not enjoy the company of other snakes, and the only time they come together in the wild is to breed. In fact, housing multiple snakes in an enclosure presents a multitude of problems. Some of which include stress which can lead to behavioural problems and feeding problems, sickness, difficulty monitoring the animals on an individual basis, and careless breedings. Only snakes mature enough and of good condition should be allowed to breed. This snake is small for her species and sex, which is no doubt because she has been bred back to back five times as an immature snake, hence stunting her growth substantially. If they are concerned about the captive population growing, why are they allowing them to breed anyways? Breeding is very hard on a snakes system, I wouldn't expect this snake to live its full expectancy under the conditions she has been exposed to.
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