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Artists Post Your Work!

Here's a few of my pieces, sorry for the terrible pix, most have glare or are slanted, but I was trying to take these before work this morning! These are only my reptile-related pieces, I have many more of different subjects...

Baby Chameleon:

Pair Chameleons (Unfinished):


Frog Sketch1:

Frog Sketch 2:

Frog Sketch 3:

Frog Sketch 4:

The following three chameleons were drawn on lined paper during school when I was about 13... I have since cut them out and placed them on construction paper...

Horned Lizard in Ink:

Horned Lizard in Graphite:

Hope you enjoyed my work... I look forward to seeing your artwork... if anyone wants to see my horses, elephants, etc. let me know and I'll post them as well!
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