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IMHO $300 for a het boa is market value, maybe even above. Hets are quickly becoming a dime a dozen. So much so that I personally consider all pos hets & het males to only be worth as much as commons. Folks have to realize that the market on these things has done nothing but drop for years now. I remember the first Albino Boa my buddy bought for $2,500 a few years back. Heck I was buying them at $1,000 each last year, even though SOME PEOPLE seemed to think that $1,500-$2,000 was market value. All depends on who ya know I guess LOL. People have issues with some of my prices too sometimes (never the customers though LOL) but like I really give a Rats @ss. To each their own & if they don't like it too bad, such is life. A lot of people seem to think that even common boas should never go for less than $100 or even $90 at the lowest WHOLESALE ya right, tell that to the guy sitting on 100 of them. I myself just flipped a bunch for buddy at $75 each & know of wholesale deals of $50 each etc. Breeding Herps is by no means a steady income & the market can change quite a bit in a few years. Another example is say Vietnamese Blue Beauties. 2 years ago $200-$250 each, now $100-$125 each (even last year). look at the whole Albino BP thing & the prices there, big difference in the last 2 years. Big enough to me to sell off all mine at loss/break even prices. I won't even get into what it has done to the price of commons. I took care of them for a couple years for nothing, that is if you consider things only in monetary values. When I got them less than 2 years ago 100% het pairs were like $2,000, now they are like $1,000 - $1,200 & soon to be much less just like the albino boa market. Irreguardless of the market, screw everyone & do what ya want as the choice is yours to do so. If I wanted to be told what to do & how to do it, I'd go back to working for "the man", not if I can help it LOL Do as ya please, but remember ya have to live with your choices & their results. I personally don't think 1 persons lower prices on an animal or 2 will affect anything market wise, but what do I know Heh Heh Mark
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