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it is irresponsible to breed an snake with a body kink unless you are 100% sure it was due to injury. even if it was due to injury, dont breed it unless its male, a body deformity in a female may make her more likely to retain eggs, become eggbound, or have other complications. a body kink is actually not very likely to be due to injury, most likely it is either genetic or a birth defect, and there is no way you can tell which. therefor, you must assume the worst (that it is genetic), and not breed the animal, as it is cruel to bring deformed animals into the world, and negitively affects the cb genepool. even if the mutant's offspring appear normal, they could be carrying defective genes. and, seeing as how body/tail kinks are common signs of severe inbreeding, your snake may be carrying other defective genes as well.
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