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Ex-SQUEEZE me?!?! No one has offered to help?!? What the <insert expletive here> has the WSPCR offered on numerous occassions?!?
<sigh> Mr. Springate has made so many inconsistant comments in the last week or so. I'm not going to even attempt to list them... I'm sure we all know what they are. :P
But some that stick out are the reasons he gives for housing the two snakes together in the FIRST place.... They need companionship... he didn't think about seperating them... he was following "protocol"... he doesn't have the money to separate them... and the list goes on. About the only REASONABLE excuse he's given has been that there is not enough money to build another enclosure.
Someone made some comments on the WSPCR Yahoogroups list ... Who is the Veterinarian for the RRR? What kind of qualifications does Mr. Springate have in order to be running a "reptile zoo." (RRR charges admission to see animals...)
The RRR is more predatory then the "feared" rock pythons they house. They feed on public sympathy and every so often it rears it's ugly head again and creates more media frenzy in order to feed on more uneducated people. I'm glad to see that some reporters are finally starting to see the real "beast" behind the "pretty facade" it puts on.
I'm guessing with all the press this little publicity stunt has gotten there will soon be another "exotic animal" bylaw that will be "pushed" through. :P Question is... where THIS time?
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