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Tim I understand people not likeing it but what pisses me off is people sending me personal mails telling me to change the price because they won't like it. I would never have the gall to tell you or anyone else what to charge for your animals and woud expect the same respect from others and if I didn't like your business practices or prices I would just not do business with you not send you imature mails telling you what to do. For me the price is a personal matter and I base it on what the animal is worth to me.

I am in genreal anti-athourity and don't like to be told what to do bye anyone. I was tempeted to lower the price just to spite the person.

leoncurrie - It is a female het for albino boa I am asking $300 for her so yes it is below market but I don't care the reason I am selling her is a very personal matter and not about the money thats why I don't care about price.
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