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Opening A Can O Worms

Now I know this is gonna stir up some uh you know what but I needed to vent. Ok here it is where do people get off telling me how much to chage for my own animals? I am not going to name names but I have seen it happen to friends and now myself. We live in a free society for the most part and our economic system is based on free enterprise where market price is determined by supply and demand. So if I feel like selling my animals at less then market vaule I am free to do so, especially since I am not selling 50 or 60 animals but only 1. Where I am I can not sell my animal at mraket price so unless YOU want to buy it from me at market value don't tell me what to charge.

Also at shows it has happened to a frend of mine who was seeling corns less than everyone else and he got threats thats just bull$hit it's called competative edge and if you can't compete then go home. Thats how are economic systems works everyone competes and who ever has the best product for the least price wins. And as everyone knows the higher the supply the lower the demand and thus price drops!

I know the arguments some of the bigger breeders will throw at me but thier arguments are not valid because it seems like this is the only industry where it happens I mean if I were to sell my 2004 buck for less then market vaule would I get a call from my local GM dealer telling me to raise my price because I'm gonna undercut them I think not. Same with my other job I work for a camera store and we have recently had to drop prices on digital prints to keep up with larger chain like wal-mart but I don't think my company called up wal-mart and said you can't charge that it's not fair!

In my experiance business is never fair and it's eat or be eaten!

I also fully expect to be bashed quite thoroughly but it's all good I mean like I said before free speach and free enterpirse! So lets have at it lemme hear your thoughts?
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