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Not a lot of time this morning, since I'm leaving for Sudbury (and then to Kenora) around lunch, but I just had to comment on this:

"That is completely unethical. What would you do if your dog had puppies? If you don't want them to have young, don't breed them! It really is that simple. Don't house them together if you're not prepared for the consiquences. I can't believe that people see these animals as being so disposible. "

Perhaps we hold different views on things. I don't see the eggs as 'live animals'. They haven't hatched yet. I am aware of the egg usage by the university researcher mentioned in the paper (he was at U. of Calgary). I sent him eggs as well. I see absolutely nothing unethical about sending him eggs to use in his research. I was happy to do it; we need to encourage more basic research into reptiles- very little has been done compared to most other animals. I also see no problem with feeding eggs to other animals, or simply throwing them out (though that is wasteful and needlessly takes up landfill space- I prefer to recycle them).

Not a very useful comparision to puppies. You can easily (and fairly cheaply) get your dog spayed or neutered. Try it with a snake! I'm currently seeking a vet who will 'spay' an adult burm, and haven't had much luck yet.

What is the difference between destroying eggs and euthanizing unwanted animals? Is this worse than killing rodents to use as feeders? How so? Are you aware that for some species (which generally don't make good 'pets', in my opinion), people feed them other species of snakes, or even more commonly lizards, and sometimes they're live? Is this worse than feeding live fish to a water snake? Earthworms to a garter snake?

The ethics involved are not so simple, and not everyone shares exactly your version. My point was this- don't belabour an issue that could be seen either way, especially by the general public. Focus on the stronger arguments if you want to convince people that what was going on was a greatly exaggerated media stunt, which it certainly was.

Gotta go, be back in a couple of weeks!

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