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I just sent the Surrey Leader a very long email. I didn't blow up on them or anything, just offered another side of the arguement.

I personally see no problem with them destroying the eggs. Do we really need more rock pythons floating around in the pet trade? I'd do the same if our burm laid fertile eggs. I have done it with other things, and I know other people who have done it as well. I find it hard to believe that it has made the national news, but that's the media for you. Sad, indeed, that it has been so one-sided.
That is completely unethical. What would you do if your dog had puppies? If you don't want them to have young, don't breed them! It really is that simple. Don't house them together if you're not prepared for the consiquences. I can't believe that people see these animals as being so disposible.

The problem is with the impulse buyers. Not with us that are committed to keeping these animals in a ethical and humane manner.

Why isn't the same argument applies to dogs, cats, even horses. The local SPCA here isn't teeming over with reptiles but has an abundance of dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, rats, birds, and so on. If you follow the logic of people like Rain Forest Reptiles, then these animals need to banned too.

I for one am glad this story found it's way on to national news media. What effects one area will effect us all.
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