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Mr. Poopypants (Bcc)
Satabria (Bcc)
Andora (Bcc)
Chasey (Colombian Bci)
Newton (Colombian Bci)
Peanut (Hog Isle Bci)
Darky (Borneo STP)
Tasha (Borneo STP)
Slowpoke (Jamaican Boa)
Sweetness (Rosy Boa)
Marvin (BP)
Rocket (Pueblan Milk)
Monkey (ATB)
Peevis (Corn)
Thomas (Horned Frog)
My Little Man (Redfoot tortoise)
Spider (Leo)
Little Eye (Leo)
The Fat One (Leo)

unnamed: 1.0 Jamaican Boa, 1.1 Rosies, 1.1 Hognose

Pretty sure that's about it. I name all my animals, but sometimes it's hard and a name doesn't seem to fall in place for a loooong time (yes, even years ).
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