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Hey Silke,
I have read your previous posts and do believe that you are a consciencious and knowledgeable herper.
However I disagree that you keeping Hots only affects you. The mere potential for a problem affects all herp keepers.
I know it affects all of us if a problem occurs, which is why safe practices are in place and there is NO room for error. I did say:
Until I screw up and take a hit from a hot and it makes the media, it does NOT affect anyone else in Canada.
And that is the truth, until something goes wrong and I happen to get media attention, it is only my concern. The fact that I am keeping them causes no problems unless I announce it nationally and scare the s*** outta a bunch of uneducated individuals who propose bans. And in that case, until I get over my fright of public speaking I don't think anyone has anything to worry about.

I am hearing of more and more Canadian hot keepers all the time it seems, they just don't announce themselves, which is probably a good thing. Perhaps I should just shut my trap. lol
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