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Originally posted by Linds
When you tighten up on the leash it translates to the dog that that situation is something to be nervous about (since you are the dominant one, they are listenting to your body language to guage the situation) and can eventually cause the dog to develop nervous behaviours with people passing by. An alternative to this is to have your dog stop and sit and you can start patting and "bonding" and using lots of positive reinforcement instead.
Linds, what i meant was that i just shorten the leash.. She's always walking right at my side anyway.. I just shorten as to not allow her to jump up.. She has this tendancy to jump up and lick people.. However, what you said makes complete sense, and starting tonight, that will be the new rule.. When someone's coming towards us, i will simply step off to the side and get her to sit for me..

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