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They are highly misunderstood animals and I thank you for taking the opportunity to get her. I picked up my guy from the SPCA, with no intention of bringing a dog home, and I couldn't imagine it any other way. He's absolutely fantastic. We also recently got a female from Beth as she was concerned about dominance factors between her and her oldest female. The little one liked to play too rough and it was possible the bigger female would put her in her place one day, actually hurting her in the process. Just one of those dog dominance things We had to put our rotti down (got him at the spca at the same time as my pitty) and knew we had room and love to spare so we took her home after only a couple of hours. Well, here's the pics!

This is Twister- the female from Beth. She's about 7 months old!

Here's Bink (my guy) and Twister the day they met. I love Bink's colors and markings.

So there's two furry members of our family!

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