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Wow that sucks... the law itself is of course stupid (same here in Saskatchewan... no boas or pythons because when making animal control laws, someone was too lazy (or ignorant) to bother to differentiate between the giant members of the boas and pythons and the smaller harmless ones... but, we can keep crocodillians! apparently they pose less danger than a ball python )... but it's ALSO stupid how it's never public knowledge what you can and can't keep... seems like half the time when there is a bylaw or whatever, people have to find out the hard way. It's a sh***y thing to find out <i>after</i> moving somewhere... since it of course MUST be your fault for not knowing Even though half the time the people who are <i>supposed</i> to know what you can and can't have, don't.
Really sucks, good luck fighting it!

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