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(sorry for off topic)

Hey Joey,

Do you know someone in London named Damien? Has a russian or polish sounding last name.

I only ask because I've seen your hotmail address on an MSN messenger opened up at the store our company gets computer parts from. Apparently somebody checks his hotmail on their computers regularly and forgets to close Messenger whenever he leaves.

Back on topic, while I've had my issues with pit bulls it's good to see someone advocating understanding them *and* how it's important they be socialized.

Like any "bad" animal, be it bulls or large snakes, the worst rep comes from the owners who just want the status that comes with such an animal but don't take the time to socialize or adapt them to people/handling. (And before someone pipes up about socializing a snake, I was speaking relatively to each.)

There are do's and don'ts with any animal, and some just require more diligence than others.
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