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Joey, She's awesome on a Leash.. She pulls sometimes, but 95% of the time she just walks by my side with no issues.. The only reason i move now, is cause i have only had her for 2 days.. LOL.. Im still getting used to her tendancies myself.. She likes to jump up at people when she first see's them and i know how nervous that makes some.. So, i figure i'll give her a bit of time to get used to passing so many people and i'll figure out she's gonna react with so much socialization.. She met a couple neighbours yesterday and i was very pleased with the way they reacted to her and she reacted to them..

As for educating the two people on either side of me.. They're a lost cause, they haven't spoken to us for 4 and 1 year respectivly.. There's always been issues with them, whether be having music on in the afternoon while their 5 year olds are sleeping or watering the grass in the evening (it makes too much noise) they always have an issue with us.. So, i just figure it's better to leave it how it is.. I go about my business they go about there's..
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